Demirci Vocational High School was founded in 25.09.1994. Between 1994-1995,our school started with the Import Export and Accountancy departments.Between 2005-2006 Insurance department was opened and the school has continued with three departments since then.In 2009 the name of the departments were changed as Foreign Trade ,Accountancy and Tax Aplications,Banking and Insurance Programs.In 2014-2015 Forestry and Forest Production department was opened.

In 2015 the necessary permission was taken to open the Geopraphic Information Systems department from the YÖK.

Departments: Foreign Trade,Accountancy and Tax Aplications,Banking and Insurance,Forestry and Forest Production,Geopraphic Information Systems


Phone     : 0 (236) 462 38 15

Faks        : 0 (236) 462 46 08

Adress    : Celal Bayar University Demirci Vocational High School Demirci - Manisa

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Demirci Vocational High School with all its departmens aims to graduate the students who have the necessary qualification for the markets,have analytical thinking ability; who follow the changes in the World,focus on the solutions


Demirci Vocational High School aims to graduate the students who accept the national and universal values,and have the technical information for his/her job,who are open to scientific vision,and accept the Ataturk's vision

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